Coaching Services


Whether we are inspiring a leader to create and move toward his or her vision, coaching a team as its members build trust and capacity, or facilitating learning in one of our dynamic workshops, our focus is on creating a positive, deeply impactful growth experience for our clients.


Leadership Coaching

Based on the belief that every client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole, our objective is to elicit solutions and ideas from the client, using highly trained listening, observation and enquiry skills. We customize our approach to the needs of each unique client and support the client as they enhance their skills, tap into their own creativity and explore and leverage resources available to them.

Team Coaching

Team coaching transforms underperforming groups and teams into more productive, more engaged entities through conversations and experiential activities that evolve specifically from the team’s unique context and mandate. We create a safe and supportive environment for learning and growth that has a direct impact on productivity and performance.


Foundations of Leadership™: A Coach-Approach for Leaders is designed to help executives and managers become even better leaders and, ultimately, to help employees become more engaged and productive. It provides a powerful opportunity to grow, and to develop and use new coaching skills gleaned from the best practices in the world’s most successful organizations.