Leadership Development Workshops

Facilitated workshops can be an effective way to connect with others in a safe environment. Participants have the opportunity to expand their own self-awareness and share insights with fellow team members, facilitating the removal of communication barriers, enhancing team dynamics and increasing productivity.

Arabesque Management offers customized leadership development workshops to meet the specific needs of various groups and organizations.

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Two of our most popular workshops are:

Leadership Development Workshops

Foundations of Leadership™:

A Coach-Approach for Leaders

Great leaders are great coaches. Their conversations inspire people and motivate them to do and be their best. More than that, people who are coached develop their thinking and deepen their sense of accountability for desired outcomes.

Real-Time, Real-World Learning
Foundations of Leadership™ is a well-established, highly successful coaching learning program that focuses on using coaching to create a collaborative, participatory and self-directed work environment where everyone is committed to the same vision and goals.

Participants can anticipate a robust learning experience focused on:
• understanding and adopting the shift in thinking that enables effective coaching
• confident application of the conversational skills and method to a variety of challenges
• discovering and acknowledging their strengths as a coach, and
• preparing themselves to integrate coaching on the job.

The Foundations of Leadership™ program is designed to help executives and managers become even better leaders and, ultimately, to help employees become more engaged and productive. It provides a powerful opportunity to grow, and to develop and use new coaching skills gleaned from the best practices in the world’s most successful organizations.

Foundations of Leadership™ teaches and connects people to the core coaching skills of effective leadership. These skills

  • generate results through engagement, and
  • align results with organizational goals.

The program is designed to introduce and/or enhance the skills of coaching as an effective model for leadership and is delivered in two parts.

Part One: Workshop

Foundations of Leadership™ delivers the coach-approach behaviour, skills and process in a classroom environment leveraging

  • experiential learning using real issues,
  • in-depth feedback processes, and
  • modeling and support from a coach-facilitator.

Part Two: Sustainability Program

Sustainability of the coach-approach back on the job is created through a series of 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (by telephone) with each participant. The objective of these coaching sessions is to ensure the participants have an opportunity to internalize and implement their learning.

Understanding Your Personality through

the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) is the world’s most widely used personality assessment tool.

Based on Carl Jung’s theory of the psyche, MBTI will provide you with an opportunity to identify your unique gifts and increase your self-awareness, motivations, natural strengths and potential areas for growth, while also learning to appreciate others who differ from you.

Discover how you like to gather information, make decisions and organize your life. Gain valuable insight about yourself and the people you interact with on a daily basis.

This fun and interactive introductory MBTI workshop

  • requires 4 hours for effective delivery, and
  • can accommodate a maximum of twenty participants.

Participants will complete an on-line questionnaire in advance. The results will be available for distribution and discussion at the workshop.

We take the participants through a number of modules comprised of a combination of information-sharing and interactive activities to guide them in a self-selection process. Upon completion of this process, the reports will be distributed for personal review. An opportunity will be provided for further group discussion and understanding of each participant’s type and how their unique gifts and differences may be leveraged and developed to enhance communication and collaboration with different personality types.

Each participant will receive

  • their personal MBTI report, and
  • the MBTI reference guide.


Advanced MBTI Workshops

Customized, advanced workshops are available that focus on leadership development, team development and communication enhancement. Prior participation in the Introduction to MBTI workshop is required.

Feel free to contact us with your particular requirements.