Success Stories

Team Effort

Jennifer was a valued member of her team and someone the company really wanted to invest in. She clearly had passion for her work, was diligent and committed and brought depth and expertise to her role. Jennifer’s employers could see that she was becoming disengaged and was frustrated with feedback that was being offered to her. The work was very dependent on team feedback and the other team members were not sure how to respond when she took their feedback personally.

Through coaching, Jennifer was able to:

  • gain understanding of her motivators and behaviours and the impact they had on others
  • increase her level of engagement by gaining appreciation for her strengths and seeking opportunities to further leverage them
  • experience a perspective shift with regard to the team evaluation process and therefore became more open to feedback
  • improve communication with fellow team members and share learning more readily, and
  • achieve clarity in her career goals and needs.

Clearing the Way

Michael was a valued executive in his organization and had recently moved into a new division. In his previous role, he was known for his superior business acumen and drive for results and his direct reports were accustomed to his assertive and directive leadership style. When he took on his new role however, it became apparent that neither his peers, nor his direct reports were responding to his leadership style; in fact, they were actively resisting it.  He was challenged with getting the buy-in he needed and had gained a reputation for ‘bulldozing’.

Through coaching, Michael

  • became aware of his preferred communication style and learned how to adapt to the communication needs of others in order to gain buy-in for his initiatives
  • learned how to balance his high drive for results against the benefit of actively engaging and influencing others
  • committed to building relationships across the organization in order to gain support for his critical initiatives, and contribute his expertise to others
  • developed strategies for shifting from a judger mindset in order to be open to learning from others; this empowered him to ask more questions and truly listen  before responding, and
  • earned a significant promotion as a result the impact he created through his enhanced self-awareness and commitment to these behavioural shifts.


“There was a time when I doubted the value of personal coaching. Since then several things have contributed to a change of heart. I now believe that coaching is an important part of making people greater. In no small part that is thanks to Ann. She has been a coach for members of my team and for me. In this role, Ann has supported us in understanding ourselves and the problems we are facing, and in finding the strength and clarity to overcome them. As a result, I can only say that if you are looking for a coach for yourself or your team, you should consider Ann.”

Nicholas (Cole) Cioran, Manager – Systems Analysis Career Centre, IS Mackenzie Investments

“As a result of my coaching with Ann, I became aware of my key strengths and values and how they drive my behaviours and empower me to bring value to the organization…..  Ann tailored her approach to my personality, goals and objectives. Her ability to objectively listen, ask thought provoking questions, and guide me to find my own path and solutions really facilitated my learning…..  I was extremely fortunate to have Ann as my coach. She has inspired me and is truly a phenomenal coach – I cannot say enough about how she has changed my life for the better.  I now have more self awareness, improved confidence and a clearer vision of where I want to be and how I will get there as a result of working with her.”

Teanne von der Porten, Manager, Policy

“As a result of my coaching with Ann, I have a deeper understanding of how I want to portray myself in my professional environment and a renewed confidence of how to bring that person to life…..   I think back to Ann’s calm and thoughtful approach frequently…..  Working with her has definitely changed my approach to management and improved my satisfaction with my own performance.”

Director, Corporate Communications

“Starting my own business was exciting, but the transition from employee to business owner was daunting at times.

Ann helped me focus on the right things. I discovered a lot about my strengths and core values that will help me going forward in running my business.

Ann is a professional with a vibrant personality. Her coaching style is collaborative and she is friendly and easy to work with. She is excellent at listening and always asks very good questions to make one stop and think.

I always feel inspired, confident and uplifted after our coaching sessions. And most importantly, I have my roadmap.”

Linda Antonacci, President Lulu Marketing Communications Inc.

“I originally sought coaching to help me understand and cope with a very difficult and toxic work situation. I was struggling badly with my working environment and with my superior and I hoped that someone with Ann’s skills would help me.

After going through various assessments, including a 360°, and experiencing Ann’s uncanny knack of asking searching questions at the right time, I feel like I have been through a life-changing process!

I can honestly say that Ann exceeded my expectations, and armed me with tools and processes that will serve me well going forward. In addition, Ann provided me with amazing insights into myself, those around me, and other situations I will continue to encounter.”

David Savournin, Vice President, Client Relationship Management

“The coaching relationship helped me to recognize and appreciate what I have accomplished in my life and realize that I have the potential to achieve whatever I set out to do. The process helped me to focus on what I want my life to look like and figure out the best way to get to there. I am more confident in my abilities and more focused in working towards those things that relate back to my goals. Coaching helped me to get out of some of my old patterns and ways of thinking that were holding me back.

Through my coaching sessions, Ann also helped me to see my inner critic and how to accept my choices and to forgive myself when I didn’t make the best decisions. She is a highly qualified professional with a strong business background that allows her to provide support in a variety of ways. Ann is warm, friendly and very easy to talk to and has a way of empowering people to achieve their goals.”

HR Manager